Veneto’s wine worldwide.

Tradition, knowledge and a passion for winemaking combine within the context of production to promote the excellence of the wines of Veneto. In 2009, four Venetian wineries decided to join to form the group “Viticultori d’Italia”, to heighten awareness of Veneto’s winemaking traditions and the quality of the region’s wines at an international level.
Fundamental to the project of Viticultori d’Italia are the values and principles that make the group a landmark for Veneto’s viticulture abroad.  Our pride and the essence of our work lie in respect for the land, the quality of the products, growing techniques that are in harmony with the territory and the careful selection of grapes. These are the values we wish to share with wine lovers all over the world.
The vineyards of Viticultori d’Italia form part of an ecosystem where zoning is envisaged in all four wineries: a system designed to produce high quality grapes and wines.

Viticultori d'Italia

We, the four wineries involved, are passionate about good wine and have together created a great project that aims to enhance the produce of our land, guarantee its quality and spread the excellence of our grape varieties.
The initiative’s promoter is the Cantina Castelnuovo del Garda, a winegrowing cooperative founded in 1958 that groups together more than 200 members in 800 hectares. Its production includes Bardolino, Bardolino Chiaretto, Custoza, Lugana and Garda.
Working alongside the latter is the Cantina Valpantena with its 750 hectares in the Val d’Alpone that unites 400 members, of whom 250 produce Valpolicella, Ripasso and Amarone, and 150 produce oil.
The Cantina di Monteforte is also among the wineries of Viticultori d’Italia; this consortium founded in 1952 includes 600 winegrowers in 1250 hectares and is a leading producer of Soave and Soave Classico.
The fourth winery is the Cantina Colli Vicentini, now part of Vitevis, a cooperative winery in the Montecchio Maggiore area established in 1955 that has a membership of 1500 winegrowers in 2200 hectares, producing all Veneto grapes varieties, Lessini Durello, Pinot Grigio and Prosecco.
With over five thousand hectares of land under vine, importantly we can guarantee our consumers that we have a complete control of the supply chain.


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