Bag in Box: a handy container for your wine

As Viticultori d’Italia we have chosen a useful and handy solution to meet our customers’ needs. The bag-in-box system consists of a flexible, food-safe plastic container equipped with an air-tight tap, placed inside a rigid cardboard box. In 2015, more than 2 million of these were produced.
We chose the bag-in-box system to ensure the properties of our wine remain unaltered while providing our customers with a practical solution that suits their needs.
Once the box is open, the wine keeps for roughly three weeks. When the container remains closed, it can be stored for between 4 and 12 months, depending on the type of wine.
These products are ISO-9002 certified, BRC level A and IFS level A.
Product protection from light and temperature changes, practical for use, savings on material and ease of transportation are all characteristics of the bag-in-box system and of the service that we Viticultori d’Italia wish to provide for our customers, in addition to offering traditionally glass-bottled wines.

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